Vintage Soul!!

Vintage Soul!!

I have truly fallen in love with these vintage iPhone cases! I don’t even own an iPhone, but I need to have one now just so I can purchase one of these beautiful Vintage-inspired cases made by 1VintageSoul Etsy Shop!!


This little radio is just too cute for words!!! Your iPhone will be ultra chic in a shade of pink that could only come from the 50’s. This retro design is inspired by what is known as a tube radio. General Electric manufactured this Model T-125A radio in the year 1959.

As if you didn’t already love your iPhone…I’m sure you will love it even more with this fashionable case. The pretty-in-pink color and classic vintage style makes this one my absolute favorite”


If you have an iphone what are you waiting for??

Enjoy it!

il_570xN.350940994              il_570xN.350679683            il_570xN.350947526

Etsy Shop:

Descrption text taken from the shop.


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