“Suin a la Colombiana”

Monsieur Periné

It’s time to dance “Suin a l Colombiana”

Today it’s about dreaming with music! Monsieur Periné is a Colombian Colorful band “made by hand” that want to spread “Alegría, Magia y Amor” Happiness, Magic and Love!!

It’s a perfect mix of sounds and images that comes from a lovely story.

They said that Monsieur Periné was a french guy who was born in 30’s. He was a gipsy guy who travels through the ocean and arrived at the Caribbean coast where he learned about Latin music. And nowadays the seven members of the band are the spirit of that guy!

“¡Ay!, qué dolor,

que me duelen tus besos, tu ausencia,

¿quién la curará? ¡Ay!, que me lleve la muerte con ella,

no quiero vivir si no estás”

I think I just can’t love them! Hope you dance with them and have an incredible friday night!

Monsier Periné: http://www.mperine.com/#inicio

Hecho a Mano                           Monsieur Periné                   Hecho a Mano


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