Don’t Leave Me



Don’t Leave me – Ne Me Quitte Pas

Regina Spektor a Russian Singer Pianist & and Song Writer that has in her veins creativity blood!

Her special voice her different sounds and her incredible videos have opened for me an imagination window where I can play with the stars and  take the moon with my hands! It’s the perfect music to work with and get inspired to build my Delirium World!

“When they were young and veins were tight
And if you are the ghost of Christmas past
Then won’t you stay the night”

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Find more about her at

Hope you like it and have an incredible Weekend!

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Janelle Monáe Divine Diva!



Janelle Monáe, Music for Black & Cool Mood!

This week black & cool mood was my obsession! Thinking about it I remember this particular song that brings this concept alive! I discovered when I was designing one of my shoes & bag collections for the “Máster of Accessory Design” which I finished last year in Barcelona. The collection was called “Swing Walking” and as you can see this song brings me a lot of inspiration!

Janelle Monáe, is the artist! And this song is part of her first Album called “The ArchAndroid”


 “Musically, The ArchAndroid is an epic James Bond film in outer space,” describes Monáe, “in terms of influences it’s just all the things I love— scores for films like Goldfinger mixed with albums I adore such as Stevie’s Music of my Mind, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, and jamming experimental hip hop stuff like Stankonia.”*


Her Music and her Unique style made me think that this wonderful Black & Cool Mood was the perfect excuse for this Musical Friday!

Visit her web

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Happy Weekend!!


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“The way you chew your gum”


ndidi_7   Ndidi O Ndidi   NDIDI_O

In this Friday Mood a little bit of Jazz & Blues coming from  Ndidi Onukwulu  a Canadian Nigerian singer that I found listening to my favorite online radio station “Radio Gladys Palmera”. Her beautiful voice has drawn my heart!

“I like the way you chew your gum 
I like the look in your eyes 
I’m glad you sat next to me 
I like the way you move your hands”

Find Ndidi O’s World

Ndidi          ndo           ndidio

Happy Friday!!


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“Suin a la Colombiana”


Monsieur Periné

It’s time to dance “Suin a l Colombiana”

Today it’s about dreaming with music! Monsieur Periné is a Colombian Colorful band “made by hand” that want to spread “Alegría, Magia y Amor” Happiness, Magic and Love!!

It’s a perfect mix of sounds and images that comes from a lovely story.

They said that Monsieur Periné was a french guy who was born in 30’s. He was a gipsy guy who travels through the ocean and arrived at the Caribbean coast where he learned about Latin music. And nowadays the seven members of the band are the spirit of that guy!

“¡Ay!, qué dolor,

que me duelen tus besos, tu ausencia,

¿quién la curará? ¡Ay!, que me lleve la muerte con ella,

no quiero vivir si no estás”

I think I just can’t love them! Hope you dance with them and have an incredible friday night!

Monsier Periné:

Hecho a Mano                           Monsieur Periné                   Hecho a Mano


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“In your eyes so blue…”


Russian Red

“You’re always such a fool 
and in your eyes so blue 
I see the life I never had before…”

We love her Music & her style!

Delirium dance with Russian Red! Would you dance with us???

Happy Weekend!!!!

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